Questions to ask when thinking about installing heating and cooling

Understanding the title pegs on your block

As a purchaser at Modeina, it's important that you understand the purpose of title pegs on your new block of land, so you and your builder can know the exact location of your
property's boundaries.

Check out our helpful video which helps to explain the title pegs that you will find on your block.

DFC: Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap

What is happening?

Starting 1 January 2024, the Victorian State Government will mandate that new dwellings, apartment buildings, and residential subdivisions requiring planning permits be all electric, phasing out new gas connections.

This will be implemented through an amendment to the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes. It applies to both greenfield and infill sites across Victoria.

This policy will affect the construction of new dwellings requiring planning permits for the dwelling but will not impact:

Donnybrae May Construction Update

Although Autumn has brought cold weather and rain, Donnybrae is still buzzing with construction activity as our civil teams work hard to meet deadlines.

Construction is well underway on stages 10, 11 and 12 with sewer, drainage, water and gas works currently taking place.

General site clean up has started for stages 14, 15 and 16 to prepare for sewer and drainage works as well as water and gas.

Plus, a big congratulations to purchasers in stage 13 who have now received titles on their lots and can begin building their dream homes!

Construction Update

Donnybrae is buzzing with construction activity and with the weather picking up for summer, this allows our civil contractors to work to a more consistent schedule.

Construction has commenced on stages 10, 11 and 12 with general clean up of the sites well underway to prepare for sewer and drainage works as well as water and gas.

The Stage 10 park is set to start works in 2023.

Stage 13 is almost complete with titles estimated in January / February 2023.

How to settle on your block of land

Wondering how the settlement process works? Check out our helpful video that will give you important insights on each stage of the settlement journey.

Buying Off The Plan - Everything You Need to Know!

Buying off the plan – What does it mean?

Buying off the plan means entering into a contract to purchase a property before the property title is created and construction is complete or has even started. This can include the sale of vacant land, house and land packages and strata properties.

It’s a purchase option that gives buyers a range of valuable advantages, like saving on price, the option to customise and stamp duty concessions, but it may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone. So it’s important to understand the pros and cons.

How to buy land at a Dennis Family Corporation community

How to buy land at Donnybrae. Your simple step-by-step guide.

Thinking about buying a block of land at one of our Dennis Family Corporation Communities, but not sure where to start? We’ve put together a helpful video that explains the process of buying a block of land at Donnybrae.

For more information, call or drop into the Donnybrae Sales Centre and speak to a member of our sales team.

How to choose the right builder for you? Here's our top tips

How to choose the right builder for you? Our top tips.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and build your dream home and choosing g the right home builder is one of the first, and most important, decisions you’ll make. Picking the right builder for your new home can be time-consuming. But finding one you like and trust, and who understands your creative vision, has the potential to make or break the entire experience for you. So it’s something you don’t want to rush.

SOHO Living's Alex Gibson shines a light on Medium Density

One thing is for certain – there are never too many dull moments, or much downtime involved, in Alex Gibson’s job with SOHO Living.

Joining the company just over 2 years ago, Senior Development Manager Alex is responsible for overseeing the organisation, direction and delivery of the company’s many development projects, commanding a team of highly skilled development managers, as well as managing many of its key developer partnerships.


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